Shidhaye Technologies has unique ability to deliver highly effective Industrial automation solutions while using the latest information technology.

Here are some of the highlights of our Industrial automation service:

System Design & Integration
We can assist you in designing specifications for your test systems. We work with our customers to understand their data acquisition and control needs and design new specifications or integrate existing data acquisition hardware to create an effective and efficient instrumentation system. We specialize in VXI, VME, SCXI, PCI, PCMCIA, Parallel, Serial and GPIB based instrumentation systems.

Instrumentation software development
Software is the foundation of any PC-based data acquisition system. We offer our customers ultimate flexibility by using our efficient development practices in building their instrumentation system. We understand your need for using and supporting diverse application development platforms. We specialize in developing instrumentation software in all the major software development tools such as National Instruments LabVIEW, National Instruments LabWindows, Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft Visual

PLC integration
We have extensive experience in Allen-Bradley programmable logic controllers. We excel in using RSLinx software development library to communicate to the controllers through various �gateways?such as ControlLogix, Pyramid Integrator etc.

Data visualization
We have created comprehensive and highly specialized data visualization and data analysis solutions for our customers. We excel in using ComponentWorks software from National Instruments to add data visualization and advanced analysis capabilities to our instrumentation systems.

Computer telephony integration
We have created unique solutions for our clients by using our eNotify? framework. This framework enables the instrumentation system to notify test status to users through phone email and web technology. eNotify?also allows users to setup test and data acquisition parameters via web.

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